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The N.Y.-based obstetrician-gynecologist on helping patients build trusting relationships with their providers, and why taking better care of women leads to economic prosperity for all.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

A board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and female health expert, Dr. Kameelah Phillips is the founder of Calla Women’s Health, a new practice based on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She’s passionate about providing the best level of care to new and existing patients and specializes in health care disparities, lactation, and sexual and menopause medicine.

Read on to learn how she got started in medicine, why she believes it’s important to…

The New York-based obstetrician-gynecologist on fostering shared decision-making with her patients and what gets her excited about the future of women’s health.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

Board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Denise Moses is passionate about providing individualized and compassionate care. Through her clinical practice, she works to help her patients make the right decisions for them.

Read on to learn how she got started in medicine, why she fosters shared decision-making with her patients, and which advancements she believes are crucial to advancing the field of women’s health.

When PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) was brought to market in 2012, the HIV prevention game dramatically changed. High-risk populations could now significantly reduce their odds of contracting the disease by upward of 92%, simply by taking one pill each day. With minimal side effects, today PrEP is widely accepted as an enormous public health asset.

PrEP works by blocking an enzyme that’s critical to helping the HIV virus replicate. To be effective, PrEP does need to be taken regularly (effectiveness is stronger and better maintained with each day you take it). In that sense, one way to think of it is…

The NYC urology resident, aspiring GU oncologist, and social media influencer on using his platform to uplift evidence-based information online and his commitment to providing compassionate care.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

Dr. Jacob Taylor believes in following the science to help patients reach better outcomes. As a soon-to-be training urologic oncologist, he’s passionate about using compassion to connect with patients while guiding them through some of the most vulnerable and uncertain moments in their lives.

Read on to learn how he got started in medicine, how he leverages his social media platform to promote evidence-based information, and why he’s…

The Chicago-based obstetrician-gynecologist and social media influencer on providing compassionate and empathic care and the importance of pursuing your passions.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

A board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Kiarra King has had a lifelong passion for medicine. In addition to being a skilled physician and surgeon, Dr. King is the creator of, a popular blog where she writes on fashion, beauty, and healthy living.

As a physician, she believes in making women feel whole and empowering them to live their best lives. …

The NYC Maiden Lane Medical gynecologist and robotic surgeon on the importance of new technology in women’s health and what mothers can do to prioritize their health post-pandemic.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

At Maiden Lane Medical, Dr. Shoma Datta-Thomas leverages her expertise in robotic and laparoscopic surgery with leading colleagues in the field of women’s health, including the president of the practice, Kenneth A. Levey, MD, MPH. …

The New York-based MD, midwife, and herbalist sheds light on existing disparities in women’s healthcare, her work with Sakara Life, and the biggest myths around hormonal health.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

For the past thirty-five years, Dr. Aviva Romm has been an advocate in women’s and children’s health. From her work at a midwifery collective in Atlanta, to her work with Sakara Life, and her latest book on Hormone Intelligence, Dr. Romm has long been at the forefront of holistic women’s health.

Read on to learn how she started in medicine, how her experience witnessing the disparities in our…

The NYC Medical Director of Tia on advocating for patient choice, the importance of in-hospital birthing centers, and redefining whole-person women’s healthcare.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

For the past five years, Dr. Jacques Moritz has been listed as one of New York Magazine’s “Top Doctors” — and it’s easy to see why. From his work in patient advocacy to his contribution in creating New York’s only two in-hospital birthing centers, Dr. Moritz has long been on the forefront of innovation in women’s health.

Read on to learn how he got started in obstetrics, why he helped build in-hospital birthing…

The New Jersey-based foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist on the gender gap in lower extremity healthcare and her commitment to working with underserved communities.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

From a young age, Dr. Juliana Paternina knew she wanted to help others. Unlike many practitioners, she was exposed to her specialty of podiatry in her teenage years, when she worked her way up from medical assistant to manager at a prominent podiatrist’s office. By the time she entered medical school, her passion for podiatry remained unwavering. …

The founder of Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology on innovations in the field, the emotional impact of his work, and his international community health efforts with Orbis.

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

Growing up around animals, Dr. Christopher Coad always believed he would become a veterinarian. But by the time he entered college, he realized that his passion for medical research and taking care of people was even greater than his love of caring for animals. As the founder of Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology, Dr. …


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